We’re back!

After some WordPress issues, the TPM domain is now fully functional again.

I know we said that we’d have a new website back in October, but some life issues arose with our web developer. We hope to have a preview available in March, with full features by the start of the summer con cycle.

In the meantime, continue checking our updates on Facebook and deviantArt, and if you make art, feel free to inquire about submissions!


TPM Fundraiser: Raffles!

Hi everyone!

The most up-to-date listing is here

Just wanted to give people a heads-up about a fundraiser the Traveling Pony Museum will be running this coming Friday, January 17, starting at 8PM. Going for 24 hours, we will have:
- Interviews with show talent: Matt Hill (Soarin’), Sam Vincent (Flim), Peter New (Big Mac)
- Interviews with fandom talent: LaserPon3 (name is enough), TehJadeh (Two Sides project)
- Game-show segments with Museum art and trivia
- Pause for The Show, with discussion after
- Auctions of some older museum pieces (schedule will be posted later this week)
- On-going raffle for awesome prizes (drawings at the end)
During down-time, enjoy banter with Museum staff, video game streams and Pony discussions.

Proceeds from the event will go towards Museum travel expenses, as well as the purchasing of new displays. (While many of our displays are gracious donations, we do buy quite a few pieces outright.)

Raffle List – Entries are $10 each.
- Hey Ocean autograph (Rainbow Dash & Applejack’s VA’s band)
- Comic issue 1 autographed by cover artist Stephanie Buscema
- UniCon Pins
- BronyCon 2013 Sponsor hat
- Tara Strong autographed photo from BAP2012
- Fluttershy Sides autographed by Andrea Libman
- Artist commissions (TBA)
- Wonderbolts Academy autographed by Anneli Heed (Swedish Spitfire) – 11×17
Auction List
- Artist commissions (TBA)
- Wonderbolts Academy autographed by Anneli Heed (Swedish Spitfire) – 13×19
- Pinkie Sides autographed by Andrea Libman
- The last TPM Mascot pin & a BronyCon 2014 ticket
- Japanese Derpy shirt
- Large painting autographed by Tara Strong
- TPM Staff dinner invite at TrotCon or BronyCon
- The complete collection of comics (all covers, some autographed) (+ Shipping)
- Complete collection of collectable cards series 1 (including promos) and almost-complete collection of collectable cards series 2 + Posters + Tins + Binders (missing AJ Promo F38, Rarity Promo F36, Discord F43, Smartypants F44) (+ Shipping)
This will also be the best time to become a Museum Sponsor! For every $50 of sponsorship purchased, you get a free raffle entry in addition to all the perks of being a sponsor. (Buying raffle entries at the $10 price does not get you Sponsor status.)
Sponsor Perks – All higher value sponsors get lower perks as well!
$ 20- 49: Apple Bucker – Your name on our Sponsors page (website)
$ 50- 99: Gem Hunter – Exclusive Sponsor pin (design TBA.)
$100-149: Rainboom Maker – Your OC’s picture on our website, and a custom print (of your OC, or other Museum store piece) mailed to you
$150-249: Party Planner – Name on our Sponsor Board, shown at every convention
$250-399: Faithful Student – Custom museum tee-shirt, ability to draw on the TPM trailer (once it is purchased)
$400-599: Watchful Sun – Private tour of the Museum at the con of your choice, and dinner with staff at that con. (That con must be on our schedule of course.)
$600-999: Protective Moon – Sponsor a new Museum wing! Your name will be featured prominently at conventions and on the website. Super-exclusive Sponsor pin (design TBA.)
$1000+: Cheese Legs – We buy and ship you up to $100 worth of Con merch from the conventions we visit. ($100 total for all cons, not each )
$2000+: Muffin Top – Official TPM Trailer sponsor. You will be the first to draw art on the trailer.

Artists: If we feature your art, we can also help you expand your reach! For just $10, we will distribute 250 of your supplied business cards. Contact us for more information!

Businesses: You may be interested in our business sponsorship levels. Perks include your company logo in Museum slide shows, on the Museum website and Museum vehicles. Contact us for more information!

:new: Hope to see you RIGHT NOW on The BronyShow http://thebronyshow.net/

Don’t want to watch? You can donate here! After entering your name and value, you will be taken to PayPal. In the comments section note what the payment is for (general donation, raffle and sponsorship are available through this website. For auction, obviously you must be in the stream.)

Traveling Pony Museum

Find us on Facebook

In collaboration with Ponys Live Now

PS: If you’d like to be involved (art donations, time donations, interviews, etc), shoot us a message!

72 Hour Gaming Livestream for Charity!

Hello everypony! We here at the Ponys Live Now gaming livestream and the Traveling Pony Museum are pleased to present a


Starting on Wednesday, Nov. 20th at 10:00 a.m. EST, we will be hosting a 72 hour MegaStream to celebrate the premiere of Season 4 of MLP that weekend. The stream will end when the new season airs! But that’s not all; we will also be participating in the Extra Life program to help raise money for charity! We will be playing a number of various games of all different genres, so there is sure to be something for everypony to enjoy! The Streamathon will be a great opportunity to help out the hospitalized children and make their lives better! So come out, enjoy the stream, help some kids, and just have an overall good time!

Join us for the fun at: http://twitch.tv/ponyslivenow

Donate Here: http://tinyurl.com/plnextralife

As an added incentive, we’re also offering a game giveaway; we will be giving away Steam games! So here’s how it is going to work: For every $100 donated in total, we will raffle off a game to those who have donated! In the event we raffle off all available games, the next winner will receive any steam game of their choice (under $10)!

Find the full list of games in their giveaway after the break.

Games to be given away:

World of Goo
Dungeons of Dreadmore
Dungeons of Dreadmore Complete
Binding of Isaac + DLC
Magicka Collection
Dead Space
Dead Space 2
Time Gentlemen Please! and Ben There, Dan That! Special Edition (x2)
Rising Storm Beta
Batman: Arkham Asylum GOTY
Batman: Arkham City GOTY
F.E.A.R. 2: Project Origin
F.E.A.R. 3
Mortal Kombat: Komplete Arcade Edition
Sins of a Solar Empire [the Rebellion expansion —Telofy]
From everypony at PLN and the TPM, we hope to see you soon in what is sure to be an amazing stream for any and all who take part!

Museum Updates in-progress

Hey all!

mewtwo-EX here with some updates for you.

  • Our new website encountered some delays, and is obviously not ready yet. We hope to have it up and running by mid-October, so we can get it all organized by the time Season 4 starts. In the meantime, I have updated all the main pages (linked at the top) to reflect these delays, and provide as accurate information as I can.
  • Updated Artist Lists and credits are also in the works, but we need your help to get them to be accurate. Plenty of old artists are no longer active, and new artists have been added at SAAC and BronyCon.
  • To help us out with this, please join our deviantArt group. If you have already submitted works to us, request “Contributor” level status and provide a link to the stuff we have in the application. If you would like to participate in the future but have not yet, join at the “member” level.
  • Finally, if we sold your prints at cons this summer, commission payments will be made once the dust settles some more. As the finances officer, I will be the one making payments to you, so if your circumstances require faster payout, talk to me. Email or dA notes are excellent methods.


BronyCon 2013 and new incoming website

Check the TWO posts below for BronyCon 2013 information!

We have a vendor booth – table 417! We’ll be selling posters and other good merch and have a free giveaway!

The Museum itself is located in Blank Canvas’s Studio on the 3rd floor of the convention center!

A new website is on it’s way so everything will be redone soon and brand new artists will be update. For current information check our artist page or ask a Traveling Pony Museum staff member at the convention!

Traveling Pony Museum Artist Call & New Mascot!

TPM Mascot2-large

Aether Naut here and boy do I have a message for you!

The Traveling Pony Museum is taking submissions for our 2013 convention tour and we want YOU!

That’s right, you sitting there reading this!

Do you draw, sculpt, sew, paint, create? Then the Traveling Pony Museum wants to feature your artwork at major conventions across the United States!

The museum is already signed up for BronyCon 2013 and Big Apple Pony Con 2013 with the rest of the schedule pending. Previous con attendances include BronyCon 2012, TrotCon 2012 and Everfree NW 2012.

See your work featured along side artists like Pixel Kitties, Egophiliac, Whitedove-Creations, John Joseco, Whitty Kitty, Frozenpyro21 and more! You can check out the current list of participating artists on the museum website – http://www.travelingponymuseum.com

Send over an email with your name and examples of your work to travelingponymuseum@gmail.com

Oh yeah, and if you’re a current artist with the museum you can help change up the pieces on display for the upcoming conventions. Send an email to Inky Notebook (InkyNotebook@gmail.com) to set up a plan.

On a last note the staff applications we received (Over 100 of them!) are being reviewed and interview requests are being sent out. Please check your emails if you submitted an application. If you didn’t receive a return email, feel free to pester Inky! (InkyNotebook@gmail.com)

Remember, we’re looking for all artists, big and small, to have their work featured! After three successful conventions so far, we’d like to make 2013 even better. (We’re also accepting older generation pony artwork as well.)

Hope you’ll join the museum upon my airship this year! Boy I can’t wait to see the submissions~

-Aether Naut
Traveling Pony Museum Airship Captain

Concept art needed for new museum mascot pony! Calling all artists!

Hey there everyone,

So the museum is in the process of designing the new mascot pony for the museum and we need your help! (Because Inky Notebook can’t art to save her life.)

The concept design is entirely up to you but you must follow the guidelines below! (However we won’t yell at you if you decide to go outside the box on this and not follow the guidelines at all.)

Earth pony


Preferably the color base for the museum airship (dark purple, light purple, white, yellow/gold)

Steampunk-esque accessories

The museum is looking for creativity and imagination, after all the airship itself has been imagined in may different ways within the artist community so we need a pony to go along side it as it’s captain.

The winning concept design will be used on the new museum banner, business cards, website and more!

Send all concept art to InkyNotebook@gmail.com and don’t forget to spread the word!






travelling pony museum character design resized-1

Ashton Sutherland

TPM pony

Hurricane Sandy Fundraiser

Greetings everypony from the Traveling Pony Museum and the staff of Ponies Live! Now.

Many of you may know that we live on Long Island and, with the destruction of our south shore, would like to bring needed supplies to local towns.

To do this we will be holding an 8 hour live gaming session of Left for Dead 2 on Sunday November 11th from 4pm to Midnight, EST here : http://www.twitch.tv/ponyslivenow

Some of the supplies in demand are pet food, baby supplies and non-perishable foods. Inky Notebook has a 15% store discount at Petsmart as an employee and will be able to purchase and transport the pet food and other in demand supplies.

$10 will buy ONE 17 lb bag of dry dog food.
$10 will buy ONE 12 lb bag of dry cat food.

We are also raising money to buy baby supplies such as diapers, wipes, powder, blankets, hats and canned food.

$10 will buy a package of diapers
$10 will buy a childrens hat and glove combo pack.

$15 will buy a package of diapers, baby powder and a package of wipes.
$15 will buy a large family sized blanket.

$1 will buy a box of dry pasta.
.50 cents will buy one can of food.

Many pets, children and adults have become homeless due to Hurricane Sandy and now face these cold winter months with very little. Only a few shelters have become available and many are in desperate need of supplies for the people and pets they are housing. Any little bit of help will go a long way. Please join us for the livestream and give a little hope this season to those who are in need.


TPM is now hiring!

The Traveling Pony Museum is now hiring staff members!

We’re looking for ponies just like YOU who want to lend us a hoof in our endeavors.

Like ponies, museums, artwork, plushies, traveling? Then head over here :


and fill out the questionnaire~

We have plenty of plans for our next round of traveling but we can’t do it alone!


Super Long Overdue TPM UPDATE TIME!


Greetings everypony! This update is long overdue so let’s get it started: 

The trip to TrotCon was a lot of fun to make and it was great to see so many people come out for it (including one guy who had flown in from Alaska). The turnout for the museum was fantastic and it was great to hear the feedback as people passed through. We even acquired a brick signed by all of the attending artists to accompany our burnt piece of light fixture from BurnyCon January. “The meatballs were the size of my fist.” – Dashyy

After TrotCon we managed to purchase a car and so began our 3000+ mile drive from New York to Seattle, Washington for Everfree NW. We’d like to thank the staff of Everfree NW for fixing rooming issues last minute and helping us out so much during the convention. We also hope that the hotel wasn’t mad that their own staff stapled our banner to the wall of the museum room. Unfortunately, due to an error in scheduling, the trip to the Seattle Children’s Hospital ended up being impossible. (Though we are trying to figure out something we can do from home.) Also to the bronies who gave us the pizza box signed by the entire convention, we unfortunately were unable to keep it as it began to deteriorate. In the future, any strange donations must be non-perishable / clean and pre-approved by Inky or Hoity. After such an influx of offers for memorabilia to be displayed, Hoity encourages the creation of a separate entity outside of the museum to host memorabilia; a “hall of fame” so to speak.

We also finally got the artist page updated (with the exception of one or two artists at this time) so everypony can head over to our website www.travelingponymuseum.com and be able to find the names and deviant art links of the museum artists. 

 To all TPM artists : Sorry it’s taken so long to get word to you. Inky will be sending out emails soon so she can send you the percentage of poster sales you made. Also please let us know what other artwork we have permission to display so we can rotate old artwork out.

The museum is also currently open for artist submissions! This means that any artist who has an interest in having their work displayed within the museum can send over submission requests via email to TravelingPonyMuseum@gmail.com (These submissions will be for the next round of traveling the museum is preparing for as we are currently on hiatus for classes.)

The museum is also looking into offering an online store that will sell pins, buttons and possibly more. If any TPM artist is interested in selling merch through us please send us an email - TravelingPonyMuseum@gmail.com

We’d also like to announce that due to certain issues, the Traveling Pony Museum will be unable to attend Canterlot Gardens. We’d like to extend an apology to all attendees who may have been looking forward to our appearance. Here is a breakdown :

       -Was originally told there was no space for the museum

       -Inky now has a job (because of the above) to support herself since the museum is run as not for profit

       -10 hour drive each way during midterm class week

       -Saves the museum money which will be allocated to paying off owed taxes from money earned

       -Gives us more time to plan fundraisers for further traveling since the remaining funds will go to owed taxes (above).

We hope we will be able to announce some of our future plans soon but upgrading an entire museum during classes will take a bit of time and careful planning. Be on the lookout for more update posts coming soon! Send any questions, inquiries or ideas to TravelingPonyMuseum@gmail.com and don’t forget to visit us atwww.travelingponymuseum.com   

-Hoity and Inky


We forgot to post this here : Post Brony Con Update!

Hey there, everypony!

We’re pleased to announce the successful debut of the Traveling Pony Museum during BurnyCon, we mean BRONYcon. :P

Everything went amazingly well. The museum room was never empty and I’m pretty sure that nearly all 4000 attendees came in to check it out.

For those artists who graciously allowed us to make prints for the museum store, the posters were a huge hit. We sold out of pretty much everything on the first day. To anyone who wishes to continue to allow us to make prints for sales at the con, we will still be offering the % back on every poster sold! Great opportunity for those who can’t make it to the cons or want some spare cash. We’re also open to selling non-print artwork such as plushies, sculptures and random pony-ness as well at our convention tables.

And good news! Because of the massive success at BronyCon, we’ll be bumping up the % back on poster sales from 25% to 30% for TrotCon and Everfree NW! That means if you let us make prints for BronyCon and made 25% back on each poster sold, if you stick with us and let us print for TrotCon and Everfree NW, you’ll get 30% back on sales! The museum is glad that we can continue to help out our artists more and more in any way that we can since you all have been so wonderful to us and to the museum by allowing us to take your pieces on an adventure across the states. This offer is open to any other current print artists within the museum as well as new artists who join the museum team!

The museum has already welcomed 5 new artists since BronyCon’s end. We’re excited that more people have become interested in the project and can’t wait to see who sends us an email next. Don’t forget, you can send examples of your work to TravelingPonyMuseum@gmail.com You can send us something made just for the museum, or let us pick from amongst your work! Just make sure to specify what piece or pieces you’re okay with being displayed or printed to avoid confusion! 

We are also working on and planning a website revamp. All new artists will continue being added along with blurbs as usual! However, editing our current code is tedious so we’re working on finding a simpler, easier entry solution. Let us know if you have any programming skills and would like to help us out!

For those of you keeping up with the livestreams, the letters to Princess Celestia were hand delivered to Lauren Faust during her panel. She was thrilled and taken by surprise that so many of you had written to her personally. This project has been so amazing to put together and the museum hopes to be able to put together another project like this soon.

On a last note, a generous BroNYCon attendee has donated a piece of the burnt plastic from the light fixture that the fire nation had attacked. The museum is now 20% hotter.

We can’t wait to see you all at TrotCon, Everfree, and hopefully CG!

-Inky and Hoity of The Traveling Pony Museum Team

Traveling Pony Museum vs Gallery

Dear brony artists, art fans, and the community at large:

Recently, a group calling itself the ‘Traveling Pony Gallery’ has made itself known, and has begun contacting a number of artists within the community. This has created a large amount of confusion. Please note that the ‘Traveling Pony Gallery’ IS NOT associated with the ‘Traveling Pony Museum’. It is a completely separate effort, neither endorsed by, nor affiliated with, the Museum.

While the TPM bears the TPG no ill will, we do wish to make it publicly known that this new group is NOT affiliated with us. We are opening a discussion with them about changing their name, which we believe is the primary source of confusion.

The Traveling Pony Museum, founded in January, is the premiere traveling exhibition of pony artwork. It has appeared at I-CON, multiple Bronies-NYC meetups, and will be making its brony convention debut at BronyCon this coming weekend. After BronyCon, the TPM plans on attending TrotCon, Canterlot Gardens, and Everfree NW, as well as at Bronies-Boston and Bronies-DC meetups. All types of artwork and plushies are still being accepted for the listed conventions.

The museum’s goal is to provide exposure and promotion to the many wonderful artists within our community. We currently have over 60 artists on board and growing. Our collection includes the famous ‘Monster Pie’ life-sized Pinkie Pie plush, the hoof-painted replica of Twilight Sparkle’s book from Episode 1, artwork by John Joseco, Egophiliac, PixelKitties, Tsitra360, and a Fausticorn plush created by WhiteDove Creations. For more information, visit our website at http://www.TravelingPonyMuseum.com or email TravelingPonyMuseum@gmail.com.

After organizing a 24-hour charity marathon which resulted in a generous contribution of $5,000 to Maddy Peters’s charity, ‘Inked! Art for Africa’, we now will be raising money at conventions through merch sales to help out Kiki, a young girl suffering from a brain tumor. We’d like to thank all artists who are helping participate in this effort through poster sales.

Again, we’d like to extend our hooves to all artists big and small in this community. We hope to see you all at BronyCon, along with all the other fine conventions we’ll be attending this summer and beyond.


The Traveling Pony Museum Team


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