Travel Plans

Planned Appearances

June 06-08 MLP-MSP (Minneapolis, MN)
June 07-08 Big Apple PonyCon (Jersey City, NJ)
June 20-22 TrotCon (Columbus, OH)
July 11-13 Fiesta Equestria (Houston, TX)
Aug 1-3 BronyCon (Baltimore, MD)

Potential Travel

Aug 15-17 Grand Brony Gala
??? ??-?? Cloudsdale Congress
Sept 20-21 DerpyCon South (New Orleans, LA)
??? ??-?? CANterlot Con (Toronto, ON, CA)

Past Appearances

2013 December – Big Apple PonyCon’s Cotton Candy Club
2013 November – CANterlot Convention
2013 October – DerpyCon South
2013 August – BronyCon
2013 July – Sweet Apple Acres
2013 June – TrotCon
2013 March – Big Apple PonyCon


59 thoughts on “Travel Plans”

  1. I live down south, Knoxville, Tennessee, I hope you come to Atlanta or some other major city down this way eventually.

  2. There is an Atlanta Meetup at this site:
    I am not active with them so you will have to get in contact to see what they might be doing.
    Unfortunately, the meetups in Tennessee are quite small, so this would be your biggest venue in the area.

  3. Question: How likely do you think it’d be that you’d come out further west, like to UT, NV, and CA? I live in Utah and currently can’t afford traveling out east, so I’d love to see this gallery in my home state! :D

  4. The Official My Little Pony Fair and Con is in Orlando, Florida this year. Any chances you’ll be making a trip down there? I hear they are inviting bronies with open hooves.

  5. Graham said:

    hey there, I’m one of the co-organizers for the Boston bronies and just saying this is an awesome project, and when you are planing the museums travel plans feel free to contact me or one of the other organizers at to set up a meetup.

  6. Hope you guys can come to Southern Indiana or Kentucky, it would be awesome.

    On June 19th, At Unionville, IN we are having a Summer sun Celebration, this meetup is being created and provided by the Hoosier Hooves Bronies Society.

  7. If you aren’t planning on it already, you should head up to Seattle for Everfree NW!

  8. Atomic Spectrum said:

    You should go to Manehatten! I would really love it if you could go!

  9. Could you please come to North Carolina?

    We have almost no big Pony events out here, except some meet-ups with the NC Bronies group.

  10. rainbow-dash-lover said:

    you should go to Seattle, Washington because all my friends love ponies and so do I

  11. Carbunkle the Unicorn said:

    I hope you guys will come by Oklahoma at some point. It’s hard for my family to go too far away. :(

  12. Butterghost said:

    You won’t be able to come to Australia will you?

  13. hey you are heading to ohio right near the border i was woundering if you could come to canada i want to come to see the pony museum but i cant since its in the usa. There are plenty of conventions in toronto near the border. I would tottally buy some pony stuff. My friends love your museum to i bet if you came you’d get good bissness tons of ppl love mpl and tpm. I would definetly be there i hope you can come i would really ow your one

  14. oh i also forgot if you want to talk to me about conventions my email is

  15. johnothan said:

    oh faust i hope you make it to St.Louis.

  16. I hope you guys come to little old Vermont, Like in the Burlington area

  17. shonny said:

    please go to nevada carson city

  18. Illinois?

  19. I know there are the CMU bronies in Pittsburgh, so hopefully you’ll come to this area! <3

  20. Andrew Klingerman said:

    If you come to Orlando or Tampa I will flip shit, I live in Jacksonville, but obviously Orlando and Tampa would be bigger venues, and I’d pay a huge amount of cash to go to an event for bronies, I’m talking hundreds of dollars, I would also love to buy stuff from you guys!

  21. Andrew Klingerman said:

    Because we never get brony events or conventions of really any kind down here that often, and it’d be nice to meet fellow bronies and hang out in Orlando or Tampa for a few days. All Orlando has is Disney World, and that doesn’t appeal to the bronies who live there as much as your traveling museum would

    • I would love to bring the museum down to Florida but as it stands the museum won’t be traveling after Everfree NW for a while due to college and such. Hopefully Hoity and I can plan some things out for next summer and we’ll definitely consider Florida. :)

      Also, in theory I will be making a TPM online store since so many people want to buy things from us. Stay tuned!

  22. FlutterShy said:

    Are you going to come over to canada by any chance?

  23. commando24 said:

    Ottawa here! please give us a visit!

  24. Sundancer said:

    I am also hoping foro Western NC. I live near Charlotte and we have meetups 2-3 times a year. We have more than 100 bronies ( that I know of in Charlotte environs alone and prob hundreds more througout the state. Please consider it.

  25. Sundancer said:

    Make that thousands through out the state

  26. Ballin Brony said:

    When you ever come to Dallas Texas!!! Please!!!!!!!!!

  27. Derpyfanboy said:

    I live in southwest Wisconsin is there anyway you might be able to bring it to Dubuque,Iowa,or Lacrosse,WI.I would really love to see the museum!

  28. Maybe a stop off in the southern states soon?
    I know there has been interest in a GA and/or TN gallery, if you ever decide to make a trip down here, i am ready to help

  29. Well so Glad you could make it this year for the 2nd Long Island Bronies Meetup at the Witches brew for our own LI Party!!! Just let me know what day is good or leave a comment on our page thanks again!!

  30. hey is there something going down in Minnesota Ive never been to a convention.
    i would love to go see one. um if that’s OK with you.

  31. Have you ever been to Arizona? you Seen so far away can’t travel that far away.

    • We are hoping to get over to more west-coast conventions in the future, but you’re right; it is very far away. Our ability to travel out there is highly dependent on con timing and funding. If you’d like to see us at a convention out there, get in touch with con staff and have them reach out to us!

  32. DC Bronies will be hosting the second annual Cloudsdale Congress at some point next year near Washington DC. After they announce a date, would you be interested maybe?

    • Hello!
      We would certainly be open to discussions about making an appearance. Last year the con was in March, which might be a challenge. It will really depend on when it is and whether staff is free or not (plus budget). Please keep us informed via email! (This website will be going away in the near future.)

  33. How about coming to the Grand Brony Gala in Florida! We’re the only Brony Convention in the South East! C’mon Down! Aug 15-17, 2014.

  34. Hello TPM,

    We would be elated if you could make an appearance at our convention next year April 24 – 26, 2015. We are Niagara Falls’ First – Ever Brony Convention. Bring some amazing works of art!

    • Lets discuss! I’m only 2 hours away, so a small display is definitely possible. The complete display may work as well. Are you on the US or Canadian side? Do you have a website?

      Shoot us an email!

  35. Bolt the Superdog said:

    Is there any possibility that you could go to BABSCon in 2015?

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