About the Team

General Info
Museum email: TravelingPonyMuseum@gmail.com

Inky Notebook  (Founder / Head of Administration)
deviantArt: InkyNotebook.deviantart.com

Megan Youmans a.k.a. Inky Notebook is a 23 year old student at Pony Brook University (Stony Brook). She is pursuing Asian and Asian American Studies with a focus on Japan. The Traveling Museum was as idea discussed between friends as she was setting up an artists spotlight for a brony convention and the idea took flight. When she’s not busy organizing ponies she’s watching anime and checking her email incessantly to make sure that nothing important has come in.

Jesse Kremen (Co-founder / Curator / Gallery Organizer)
Sometimes going by Hoity, Jesse helped get the Museum up and running.

D-Pad the Brony Inquisitor (Lead Vendor / Online Spokesperson)
D-Pad, also known for his work as Interviewer for The Brony Show, joined the Museum team around June 2012. Since then he has assisted with online outreach through his show and vending at BC’12, BAP’13 and BC’13.

mewtwo-EX (Finances Officer / Artist Relations / deviantArt Relations / Printer)
Personal deviantArt: mewtwo-ex.deviantart.com
Museum deviantArt: mlp-fim-tpm.deviantart.com

mewtwo-EX, a 28 year old college lecturer, joined the Museum team in January 2013. So far he has helped with the museum’s appearances at BAP’13, SAAC’13, BC’13, and CANterlot’13 and assisted in modernizing the deviantArt page as well as balancing the books. When he’s not busy grading papers, planning lessons or trying to calm Inky down, he enjoys vectoring ponies.

Listen Up (Museum Secretary / Curator)
While a friend of the Museum for a while, Listen Up didn’t formally join the team until after BAP’13. Since then he has assisted with planning and curating at SAAC’13 and BC’13.

Mullet (Social Media Relations)
Mullet joined the Museum team around April 2013. She runs our Tumblr presence.

Revere91 (Fundraiser Coordinator)
Revere91 joined the Museum team around April 2013. He helps organize our fundraising efforts.

Fluttersky (Con Relations / Creativity Consultant)

Fluttersky joined the Museum team around April 2013. She single-handedly generated the interview questions for our June fundraiser, and did con relations for us at BC’13.

Nurse Tenderheart (Curator / Website Designer)
Tender, who works in IT and web development, joined the Museum team around April 2013. He is working on our new website and assisted with Museum curation at BC’13.

Hot Wheels (Social Media Relations)
Hot Wheels joined the Museum team around July 2013. She will be assisting us with Social Media.

Museum Security
Dust Off (BC’13)
Isaiah Young (BC’13)
Rockit (BC’13)

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