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Aether Naut here and boy do I have a message for you!

The Traveling Pony Museum is taking submissions for our 2013 convention tour and we want YOU!

That’s right, you sitting there reading this!

Do you draw, sculpt, sew, paint, create? Then the Traveling Pony Museum wants to feature your artwork at major conventions across the United States!

The museum is already signed up for BronyCon 2013 and Big Apple Pony Con 2013 with the rest of the schedule pending. Previous con attendances include BronyCon 2012, TrotCon 2012 and Everfree NW 2012.

See your work featured along side artists like Pixel Kitties, Egophiliac, Whitedove-Creations, John Joseco, Whitty Kitty, Frozenpyro21 and more! You can check out the current list of participating artists on the museum website –

Send over an email with your name and examples of your work to

Oh yeah, and if you’re a current artist with the museum you can help change up the pieces on display for the upcoming conventions. Send an email to Inky Notebook ( to set up a plan.

On a last note the staff applications we received (Over 100 of them!) are being reviewed and interview requests are being sent out. Please check your emails if you submitted an application. If you didn’t receive a return email, feel free to pester Inky! (

Remember, we’re looking for all artists, big and small, to have their work featured! After three successful conventions so far, we’d like to make 2013 even better. (We’re also accepting older generation pony artwork as well.)

Hope you’ll join the museum upon my airship this year! Boy I can’t wait to see the submissions~

-Aether Naut
Traveling Pony Museum Airship Captain

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