Hey there everyone,

So the museum is in the process of designing the new mascot pony for the museum and we need your help! (Because Inky Notebook can’t art to save her life.)

The concept design is entirely up to you but you must follow the guidelines below! (However we won’t yell at you if you decide to go outside the box on this and not follow the guidelines at all.)

Earth pony


Preferably the color base for the museum airship (dark purple, light purple, white, yellow/gold)

Steampunk-esque accessories

The museum is looking for creativity and imagination, after all the airship itself has been imagined in may different ways within the artist community so we need a pony to go along side it as it’s captain.

The winning concept design will be used on the new museum banner, business cards, website and more!

Send all concept art to InkyNotebook@gmail.com and don’t forget to spread the word!






travelling pony museum character design resized-1

Ashton Sutherland

TPM pony

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