We’re pleased to be working with some of the biggest names in the brony world to hold an incredible 24-HOUR CHARITY MARATHON! Entitled ‘Elements of Charity: Art for Africa’, the purpose of this amazing showcase of brony community talent is raising funds for Maddy Peters’s (a.k.a. the voice of Scootaloo) ‘Inked! Art for Africa‘ charity. But there are added bonuses: There will be some fantastic PRIZES up for grabs for those who give to this worthy cause! Every $10 you chip in via our ChipIn widget gets you a raffle ticket for the prize drawing.
This marathon is being organised by TPM and hosted by Ponies Live Now, but all funds collected during it will go 100% towards ‘Inked! Arts for Africa’. None will go to the TPM or PLN– but you can still win some amazing prizes!
To get in on the fun– which starts at 6 PM Eastern time today (Saturday, April 28, 2012) and continues for a full 24 hours through 6 PM Eastern time tomorrow (Sunday, April 29, 2012), go to:
BE SURE TO DONATE! There is a ChipIn widget below the stream reading ‘Inked! Art for Africa’. Give early and give often– 100% of your donation will go towards Miss Peters’s wonderful charity drive to support famine relief efforts in Africa!
The schedule of guests is as follows:
6PM-7PM: Soapie Solar (Ask Pinkie Pie Solutions tumblr)
7PM-8PM: TrotCon (PinFilly/DarklyCute, Starshine)
8PM-9PM: Cupcakes Nom (creator of the Humble Brony Bundle project, co-head of the Albany meetups, charity org for BronyCon)
9PM-10PM: Fetchbeer (artist of adorableness)
10PM-11PM: Pen Stroke (author of Past Sins)
11PM-Midnight: Calpain (EqD staffer extraordinaire)
Midnight-1AM: Xiagu (head of DC meetups, admin of bronies.comBronyCon staffer)
1AM-2AM: Egophiliac (creator of the one and only ALFALFA MONSTER!)
2AM-3AM: John Joseco (the one and only)
3AM-4AM: Purple Tinker (charity promoter, retired founder of BronyCon, Bronies-NYC, bronies.com)
4AM-5AM: Circuit Mane (host of The Brony Show)
5AM-6AM: MrPoniator (amazing animator)
6AM-7AM: Tsyolin (Musical pony, f/k/a ApplejackTheEngineer)
7AM-8AM: LaserPon3 (incredible pony laserist)
8AM-9AM: Foal Papers (Twitterbrony and brony scholar extraordinaire)
9AM-10AM: KefkaFloyd (Ponygoons admin, editor of The Round Stable)
10AM-11AM: PixelKitties (pony, comic, and background artist extraordinaire)
11AM-Noon: Garrett Gilchrist (artist extraordinaire, plus the best Orson Welles voice outside of Orson Welles)
2PM-3PM: MrDragon (admin of RainbowDash.net)
3PM-4PM: Puzzle Plate (admin of the Phoenix meetup group)
4PM-5PM: GalaCon staff (bringing Equestria to Europe!)
5PM-6PM: Robbob (the pony behind the Epic [X] Time series)